liquid foundation

ivory yellow
buff neutral
custard yellow
honey yellow
pecan yellow
caramel yellow
vanilla pink
peach cream pink
rhubarb pink
almond butter pink
hot fudge neutral
chocolate chip pink
daisy corrector
apricot corrector
cherry blossom corrector
cotton candy corrector
lavender corrector
wasabi corrector

Yaby liquid foundation is designed to mimic the skin's natural finish. Without adding sheen or reducing the skin to a matte finish, the skin looks fresh and incredibly natural. The buildable medium coverage foundation starts off as medium coverage, and can be stippled on to create a higher coverage with a sponge without looking heavy or cakey.

The Liquid foundation is not considered vegan as it contains beeswax, however, it is still a cruelty free product.

liquid foundation = unbelievably natural (8ml content, tube with removable tip)

» super smooth texture, extremely easy to apply.
» mimics the skin's natural sheen to create the most realistic flawless skin
» a natural finish which does not create excessive glossiness that requires constant touchup and mattifying.
» oil-free
» filled with 8-8.5ml of products, each tube can be filled up to 12ml, allowing room for mixing to get the perfect in between color
» why is this product non vegan? contains beeswax

* while we have tried to accurately display the colors of our products, the actual colors you see may vary depending on the monitor you are using.

There is a total of 18 colors in the liquid foundation range: 12 skin tone colors and 6 correctors.

»»daisy (cc001) is useful in lightening colors to match really fair skinned individuals, or occasions that require the talent to be extra fair (for example, period-themed jobs).

apricot (cc019) is great for correcting the deep bluish purple tones under the eye. effective when used alone or when mixed with the desired foundation color to counteract the shadowy effects.

»»wasabi (cc047) is used to counteract the redness on the skin, such as over exposure to the sun, rocesa, acne, or any general redness. best result is achieved by mixing wasabi corrector directly with the desired foundation color. only a small amount is needed to correct redness.

cotton candy (cc048) is used to correct orange hue in other foundations/concealers or over usage of self tanning products. mixing a small amount of cotton candy corrector in the desired color foundation helps normalize excess orange tones on the skin.

»»cherry blossom (cc055) effectively brings more pink to the skin when recreating a natural flush effect (especially when covering tattoos or scars). it is also useful in shifting a yellow foundation over to a pinkier tone by mixing a small amount of cherry blossom corrector in the foundation being used. (can be used as a blush color to create the naturally flushed look)

lavender (cc081) is used to neutralize areas with excessive yellow pigmentation. mix lavender directly in the concealer over the desired area, such as a healing bruise at the yellow stage.

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