lip color refill

untouchable lc003
high beam lc006
glamlicious lc011
morning after lc013
mauvian lc018
chilli hot hot lc020
disco tour lc023
vamptress lc025
fantasy ambush lc035
sweet talking lc044
nudie smack lc060
glow lc061
a little closer lc066
desire lc106
dont tell clear lc113
diva wannabe lc127
mellow drama lc129
prom night lc131
first touch lc165
temptful lc181
stop lc184
phantom babe lc196
just one kiss lc198
enticement lc208
innocent trap lc213
hot date lc231
natural charm lc233
lady like lc237
dellucination lc246
hidden danger lc252
seductionism lc255
lustiful lc267
eyes on me lc268
pretty sheer lc277
cougar zone lc319
casted lc339
chocolate persuation lc372
cherry bomb lc373
attitude lc392
disagree lc414

These lip colors are unique and heavily pigmented. Besides the 3 translucent colors, all 37 solid colors are designed to have extensive longevity as it requires very little product on the lips to achieve a desirable coverage without the harshness of long wear liquid lipsticks.

The lip colors are not considered vegan as it contains beeswax and lanolin from sheep wool, however, it is still a cruelty free product.

lip color = from rich to nude (20mm refill)

» creamy pigmented lip colors that virtually eliminates the need for lip liners
» why is this product non vegan? - contains beeswax and lanolin from sheared wool
» create custom lip color by mixing lc113 (clear lip base) with the desired eyeshadow or pigment color
» suggestion: sanitize empty pans with alcohol and keep some in your kit for special mixing needs

* while we have tried to accurately display the colors of our products, the actual colors you see may vary depending on the monitor you are using.

lc0, untouchable lc003, 003, highbeam, lc006, 006, glamlicious, lc011, 011, morning, after, lc013, 013, mauvian, lc018, 018, chilli, hot, lc020, 020, disco tour, lc023, 023, vamptress, lc025, 025, fantasy, ambush, lc035, 035, sweet, talking, lc044, 044, nudie, smack, lc060, 060, glow, lc061, 061, a little, closer, lc066, 066, desire, lc106, 106, don't, tell, clear, lc113, 113, diva, wannabe, lc127, 127, mellow, drama, lc129, 129, prom, night, lc131, 131, first, touch, lc165, 165, temptful, lc181, 181, stop, lc184, 184, phantom, babe, lc196, 196, just, one, kiss, lc198, 198, enticement, lc208, 208, innocent, trap, lc213, 213, hot, date, lc231, 231, natural, charm, lc233, 233, lady, like, lc237, 237, dellucination, lc246, 246, hidden, danger, lc252, 252, seductionism, lc255, 255, lustiful, lc267, 267, eyes, on me, lc268, 268, pretty, sheer, lc277, 277, cougar, zone, lc319, 319, casted, lc339, 339, chocolate, persuation, lc372, 372, cherry, bomb, lc373, 373, attitude, lc392, 392, disagree, lc414, 414

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