eyeshadow refill

perfect wine es005
purple elephant es015
slightly plum es034
rose wood es035
papaya milk es041
bark es048
a dolls pink es057
soft lotus es061
broccoli heaven es093
new penny es098
golden dessert es103
silver dust es109
jungle mist es114
indigo mine es124
blueberry es125
azalea petal es133
jaded es134
green delicious es135
twinkle twinkle es144
the hottest pink es146
abyss es154
blank es155
candy pop es158
club green es160
earth es168
the mauve es172
seashell es192
firewood es198
oh my grapeness es228
coco powder es231
just orange es241
deep sage es251
milk chocolate es253
maroonie es257
mystery fog es265
olivetini es276
fairy princess es279
antique bronze es281
pure yellow es283
hibiscus es287
so vein es296
dusty pink es317
smoked maple es330
fairytrail es339
sunny ocean es345
glazed rose es346
pottery es347
just peachy es361
midday lake es368
tropical dusk es371
baby cabbage es380
turquoise dream es382
coolio cucumber es409
lady orchid es410
sand dune es442
gremolie es448
happy sprouts es450
rainforest es460
so navy es473
sexy salmon es491
berry splats es492
old barn es509
highlighted es511
ancient gold es539
storm cloud es540
velvet gem es542
dragonling es553
royal brown es562
copper wire es565
magic timber es569
baby grizzly es575
total alien es580
golden age es585
funky plum es589
almost black es594
aged denim es600
oranges es610
carbon paper es611
sakura es631
tomato face es642

Our eyeshadow is loved by professional makeup artists for its true to color application and blendability. Loaded with high level pigments without the use of animal byproducts, such as carmine, our eyeshadows are a dream to wear for even the most sensitive eyes. Unlike many pigmented eyeshadows, Yaby blends like a dream and does not appear muddy on the skin when using multiple colors adjacent to each other.

eyeshadow = highly pigmented + easy and even application. (15.5mm refill)

» highly pigmented eyeshadow that are extremely easy to work with.
» the smooth texture allows blending with ease.
» used dry or wet to achieve anything from a veil of color to a dramatic statement.
» color stays true in video and photography.
» vegan friendly - contains no animal byproducts.
» heavy duty metal pans are designed to be sturdy and not easily warped.
» reusable pan - sanitize empty pans with alcohol and keep some in your kit for special mixing needs.

fits in 40 well palette

* while we have tried to accurately display the colors of our products, the actual colors you see may vary depending on the monitor you are using.

es0, perfect, wine, es005, 005, purple elephant, es015, 015, slightly plum, es034, rose wood, es035, papaya milk, es041, bark, es048, a doll’s pink, es057, soft lotus, es061, broccoli heaven, es093, new penny, es098, golden dessert, es103, silver dust, es109, jungle mist, es114, indigo mine, es124, blueberry, es125, azalea petal, es133, jaded, es134, green delicious, es135, twinkle twinkle, es144, the hottest pink, es146, abyss, es154, blank, es155, candy pop, es158, club green, es160, earth, es168, the mauve, es172, seashell, es192, firewood, es198, oh my grapeness, es228, coco powder, es231, just orange, es241, deep sage, es251, milk chocolate, es253, maroonie, es257, mystery fog, es265, olivetini, es276, fairy princess, es279, antique bronze, es281, pure yellow, es283, hibiscus, es287, so vein, es296, dusty pink, es317, smoked maple, es330, fairytrail, es339, sunny ocean, es345, glazed rose, es346, pottery, es347, just peachy, es361, midday lake, es368, tropical dusk, es371, baby cabbage, es380, turquoise dream, es382, coolio cucumber, es409, ladyorchid, es410, sand dune, es442, gremolie, es448, happy sprouts, es450, rainforest, es460, so navy, es473, sexysalmon, es491, berry splats, es492, old barn, es509, highlighted, es511, ancient gold, es539, storm cloud, es540, velvet gem, es542, dragonling, es553, royal brown, es562, copper wire, es565, magic timber, es569, baby grizzly, es575, total alien, es580, golden age, es585, funky plum, es589, almost black, es594, aged denim, es600, orages, es610, carbon paper, es611, sakura, es631, tomato face, es642

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