eyeshadow pre-set palette

best of both worlds
dramatically neutral
something bright
world of pearl paint

» built in mirror finished stainless steel mixing palette on the inner lid (not a glass/plastic mirror)
» each color is housed in a 15.5mm heavy duty reusable metal pan
» suggestion: sanitize empty pans with alcohol and keep some in your kit for special mixing needs.


best of both worlds
» a collection of the most popular colors from pearl paint shadows and eyeshadows

palette layout:

pp017 pp031 pp024 es442 es192 es382 es057 es276
pp049 pp071 pp070 es330 es569 es371 es279 es135
pp019 pp072 pp036 es231 es575 es611 es448 es265
pp061 pp008 pp066 es035 es347 es109 es158 es296
pp056 pp013 pp047 es253 es539 es144 es241 es160


dramatically neutral
» a collection of the neutral and blues from the eyeshadows collection

palette layout:

es109 es124 es155 es281 es103 es192 es330 es048
es540 es125 es345 es585 es442 es339 es172 es198
es144 es600 es368 es539 es569 es346 es035 es347
es594 es473 es382 es565 es575 es133 es231 es509
es154 es611 es371 es098 es562 es034 es253 es168


something bright
» a collection of the bright colors from the eyeshadows collection

palette layout:

es057 es492 es061 es361 es511 es448 es276 es265
es317 es015 es553 es610 es158 es380 es135 es093
es228 es146 es279 es041 es283 es450 es409 es114
es410 es589 es631 es491 es241 es580 es134 es251
es005 es257 es542 es642 es287 es160 es460 es296


world of pearl paint
» a creamy eyeshadow that is actually a powder!
» extremely pigmented colors that translates true in photography and video
» waterproof (on bare skin, over any yaby cream/liquid foundations or other waterproof products)

palette layout:

pp080 pp005 pp017 pp024 pp009 pp031 pp029 pp008
pp013 pp038 pp064 pp052 pp070 pp071 pp054 pp053
pp012 pp045 pp060 pp019 pp036 pp025 pp072 pp041
pp057 pp037 pp047 pp048 pp066 pp011 pp026 pp061
pp056 pp049 pp015 pp040 pp001 pp002 pp062 pp082

* while we have tried to accurately display the colors of our products, the actual colors you see may vary depending on the monitor you are using.

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