Tips from the pros


» correct redness 

- blend liquid foundaiton in wasabi with foundation

- for severe redness or recent over sun exposure, blend cream foundation in wasabi or mint (cf047/cf045) with cream foundation instead.

» correct sallow/yellow complexion - blend corrector in lavender with foundation for areas with yellow tint

» neutralize dark circle - blend apricot undereyes to neutralize

» bring life to cheeks - blend corrector in cherry blossom on cheeks as cream blush (by Diana Carreiro)


» intensifying eyeshadow colors - use eyeshadow with wet/damp brush to get full intensity from eyeshadows. edges can be blended to create a softer look

» eyeshadow into liquid liner - use eyeshadow with wet eyeliner brush to create a solid liquid liner look


» the lip tint look - blend your choice of lip color with lc113 (clear lip color) and dab the mixed color on lips

» sheering the lip color - blend different amounts of lc113 with desired lip colors to create different levels of sheer lip color, apply with brush or disposable lip wand

» satin finish - finish lips with lc277 to create a semi matte satin finish on lips

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$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds