cake liner refill

hazel cl001
brown cl002
pewter cl003
grey cl004
black cl005
canary cl007
green cl008
turquoise cl009

Water activated, and can be activated with a waterproof medium as well. Create anything from a sheer colored line to a strong opaque wing by simply dampening an eyeliner brush. Different thickness or shapes can be drawn by using different brushes: angle brushes will produce everything from very thin lines to a dramatic wing, or choose a flat liner brush and apply between the lashes to create a neat tight liner.

cake eyeliner = perfect lines (15.5mm refill)

» water activated.
» choose your finish! activate with less water to achieve the pencil lined effect, activate with more water to get the liquid liner look.
» adjustable opacity. used at light-medium for brow rebuilding, used at full coverage for eyeliner.
» vegan friendly - contains no animal byproducts.

* while we have tried to accurately display the colors of our products, the actual colors you see may vary depending on the monitor you are using.

cl0, hazel, brown, pewter, grey, charcoal, navy, canary, green, turquoise

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